High-Pressure Washing

In our over 12 years of experience in high-pressure washing, we know that making any surface immaculately clean before applying paint makes for a much better application, which results in a much better finish overall.
High-pressure washing is one of the most effective and environmentally friendly ways to clean your home, industry or commercial environment. The spraying process removes mud, dust, dirt, grime, moulds, moss, and even loose paints from surfaces, walls, buildings, and/or vehicles and equipment.

At Gold Painting Services, we are well-equipped to provide high-pressure washing for our clients. High-pressure cleaning prepares your surface for better paint or coating adhesion, resulting in a more beautiful and blemish free work that lasts longer, and also cleans the surface to make it look like new again.

We are mindful to apply the correct water pressure for each type of floor or wall, to not unnecessarily damage any surface that needs to be cleaned. High pressure washing is by far the most suitable solution for most outdoor cleaning activities.

Every Gold Painting Services high-pressure cleaning operator is highly trained and experienced with high pressure cleaning and understands what needs to be done in each cleaning scenario to ensure your property is secured from damage during the cleaning process.

Commercial buildings bring their own challenges when it comes to high pressure cleaning. We fully understand the need for them to be cleaned quickly and with minimal disruption, putting health and safety concerns in consideration.

Our high-pressure cleaning equipment is powerful enough to blast through years of dirt and grime buildup and can reach spots other cleaners can’t. We use high pressure water and eco-friendly cleaning products, gentle enough to clean your property without harming the environment.

Once your surfaces are spotlessly clean, we bring the surface back to its pristine condition, so it will effectively bond with paints and sealants where required. With our cleaning service, the finished areas can now be painted or, in case of floors, with Epoxy Floor Coating if you so require.

High-pressure cleaning and washing is one of the most effective and environmentally friendly processes to clean, as well as prepare your surfaces for painting your home, industry, or commercial establishment.

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